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How to Start Writing Air Pollution Essay?


A Brief Introduction of Air pollution


The most vital constituent of the environment for surviving life on earth is Air. Air generally forms 80% of a man’s daily intake by weight. The proportion of some constituents such as oxygen, nitrogen and other gases are fixed and definite in pure air. Air pollution is environmental pollution that creates an effect on the air and it is usually caused by smoke or other harmful gases. The oxides of gases such as nitrogen, sulphur, and carbon are the main cause of air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the contamination of air due to the presence of a substance that contains poisonous effects.

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Facts About Air Pollution


  • Air pollution: The air pollution in the country is increasing due to the growth of the economy, wildfires, and global warming. Air pollution can be caused due to natural or man-made sources. There has been an increase in air pollution in the country by 15%.

  • Air pollution is also caused by the burning of fossil fuels. The smoke released from factories, power plants, industry, chemical fumes, and methane gas from landfills are the major cause of air pollution.

  • Air pollution is caused due to indoor and outdoor sources. Indoor sources such as smoke from solid fuels with traditional stoves, and tobacco causes air pollution.

  • Air pollution is caused by the industrial sector as the industries are producing So2 and No2. These are the chief sources of Mathura petroleum refinery which is a threat to the Taj Mahal.

  • Plenty of dust occurs from the cement factories. The Crushing of stones creates havoc in generating air pollution.


Causes of Air Pollution


  • Use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil releases CO2, methane, and nitrogen into the atmosphere. Hence, the sources of air pollution are smog, the greenhouse effect, and acid rain. It is also considered to be a rise in temperature by sun energy. Hence, the energy is blocked which is resulting in rising the earth’s temperature.

  • Emissions of fertilizers, livestock, and agricultural activities are mainly the cause of anthropogenic matter exhaust from factories.

  • Air pollution is caused due to the exhaust from factories and industries. The exhaust from factories includes hydrocarbons, CO2, chemicals, and organic compounds. All these pollute the air which thereby results in air pollution.

  • Most significant emissions in mining operations are drilling, blasting, and hauling. Dust and coal particles are present in mining operations and the transport causes respiratory problems in humans. For the urban folk, transportation leads to the emission of greenhouse gases. The source is almost 20-70% of the total population mix.

  • The primary source of air pollution is waste which consists of livestock, rice paddies, and the burning of agricultural waste.

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Effects of Air Pollution


The polluted air creates many effects. Due to the polluted air respiratory and heart problems arises. Irritation, coughing, and difficulty in breathing are common symptoms of respiratory problems. The regular feature is the decrease in lung function. Global warming caused through eruption of volcanoes, dust storms, earthquakes are smashing into the crust of the earth. There are certain oxides which cause irritation and also create damage to the lungs they are sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The significant risk for human health is acid rain. Air pollution also creates an effect on wildlife. Over 80% of the total ozone layer is getting depleted due to chlorofluorocarbons and volatile organic compounds.


How To Control Air Pollution?


Therefore, it is very necessary to control air pollution. There are some ways with the help of which air pollution can be controlled. Firstly, by using public transport rather than using own private transport. The use of public transport such as buses, trams, and trains should be used as it will provide relief from traffic congestion as the vehicles will be reduced to a great extent. Hence, fewer vehicles will cause less pollution. Another way of controlling air pollution is to conserve energy. Conservation of energy results in fewer power plants in operation. The tapping of natural energy resources helps in reducing air pollution. The adoption of the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling also helps in reducing air pollution, and the waste is controlled to a great extent. For reducing air pollution, it is suggested to give more emphasis on the use of natural energy resources and devices that are energy efficient. Hence, the key to air pollution is the growth of urban establishments and cities. Hence, for overcoming the problem of air pollution decentralization of development in all areas, tapping natural resources should be a basic approach and along with that spread of public awareness and participation should be promoted publicly and personally. This will help in reducing air pollution to a great extent. The use of plants and animals is affected due to the rise in air pollution and it has reached a dangerous level. Hence, for any living being air pollution is not considered to be favourable. It indicates that there is no element present in the composition of natural air. This pollution is regarded as environmental pollution and the quality of air is affected by it. Air pollution can be seen when in the early morning the sky is filled with layers of fog and seeing the substance is not clear. Hence, the curve of air pollution is either the harmful gases or the smoke released from indoor and outdoor sources.




Therefore, it is the right of every citizen to breathe clean air so, appropriate measures should be undertaken for reducing the air pollution in the country so that every person can live freely and without any disease. Hence, awareness of air pollution should be created on a large scale so that daily practices are not affected due to these problems. Therefore, it is the duty of every citizen living in the society to take a pledge that concrete steps will be taken for eliminating air pollution.


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