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How to Start Writing Health Education Essay?


Essay on Health Education


Health education means teaching and educating people and the community to adopt a state of healthier, better, and cleaner living. Health education helps in raising awareness among communities and individuals on different aspects of health such as mental health, prevention of diseases, reproductive and sexual health, physical health, and psychological health. Therefore, health education is a wider subject and it might include certain health issues such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc. Health education can be provided by any individual by interacting with an individual or community who has knowledge of health and hygiene and also knowledge of health issues. Therefore, there are many people who are given training for this purpose and they are also certified as health specialists and are considered health educators. There are several programs initiated by the government for promoting health care, preventing communicable and non-communicable diseases, and also for preventing other causes. Hence, a team of trained professionals acts as health educators as well as medical supervisors for this program. In remote areas, health educators interact with villagers and then educate them on the issue of illness and general health. The children are educated in the school by teachers and they also act as health educators. They give training on maintaining proper health and hygiene. The teachers educate the students about different communicable and non-communicable diseases and they also give them the knowledge of preventing the diseases by adopting healthy habits and hygiene.




In developing countries, health education is very necessary and it can be used for increasing health literacy and also for reducing mortality from different diseases and various other health issues. In schools, it should be compulsory to give health education. It should be ensured by the officers that various programs are carried out by training staff that specializes in the interaction and education of children and teachers. For spreading awareness among students and the community teachers can be trained as health educators.


Therefore, the main purpose of health education is to give knowledge about the actions that are undertaken by an individual and communities for improving their overall health. There are various communicable and non-communicable diseases due to which thousands of people are killed in a year. The absence of trained medical professionals and ignorance of people about their own health conditions might be the cause of high infant mortality. Hence, for meeting the effective needs of the people it is imperative to have an infrastructure that is supported by an equally effective workforce. The level of health education and literacy should be raised effectively. Health education is very important for improving the overall health of the nation. It helps in improving the health status of individuals, communities, etc. Health education is directly related to the economic growth of the nation. Life expectancy and standard of living improve due to a better health education system.


Career in Health Education


Trained professionals who give health education are known as health educators. They are the specialists who are certified and they also hold a certificate on a specific health issue. The task of public health education includes nursing staff, doctors, and paramedics. Training is provided to them in the areas of health and hygiene and they are also provided with the necessary resources to provide education to people. Health education is also given to common people by many professionals from different fields after the amount of training. Therefore, the aim of health education is to improve the health status of the community and individuals. A person is taught how to stay healthy and safe from different diseases. Hence, the purpose is to develop responsibility towards the community as well as towards themselves. In developing countries, it is very much necessary to give education on health as basic knowledge about health and hygiene is provided to the people for shaping their everyday activities. Health education is also necessary for addressing some serious issues such as depression, stress, and other emotional disturbances apart from physical health. In recent years it has been noticed that various public health programs are offered to students who belong to non-medical professional institutions and this has been increasing day by day. There are many institutes that offer master’s in public health and a lot of candidates enrol themselves in such courses. The health programs were launched with the purpose of addressing the health needs and in school, it has been addressed with the aim of encouraging the health needs of school-going children. Hence, the health programs not only cater to the physical well-being of school-going children but at the same time also caters to the psychological, nutritional, and emotional needs of the children. Millions of students from marginalized sections of society are benefitted every year as huge funds are given from centres and states for programs. Various Yojana is also launched for making tertiary health services affordable to the public and also to improve the quality of medical education.




Therefore, despite many government programs, there are many areas that do not have access to basic health services and they are out of reach of public health educators. This is due to the lack of availability of necessary infrastructure at the ground level. Various programs are launched by the government for improving and promoting the quality of health education. There are many other programs that are launched with the aim of raising public awareness about cancer, malaria, AIDS, etc. but they fail to build important infrastructure at the grassroots level. Hence, for making the system of health education a success it is very important to have enough infrastructure as well as well-trained professional staff and a well-equipped workforce as all availability of all these things can only make the system of health education a success.


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